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What We Do
CMG & Associates, Inc. focuses in the design of mechanical (HVAC), electrical, plumbing, piping, and fire protection systems.  Our work in commissioning and retro-commissioning gives us a first-hand understanding of field logistics, functionality, and system performance that improves the quality of our designs and reduces changes during construction.

These services correspond to wide variety of building types, including: manufacturing, warehousing, hospitals and nursing homes, educational, institutional, museums, offices, religious, retail, telecommunications and municipal projects. 
CMG has a wide range of expertise in piping system design, including the following:
u Potable and Non-Potable Water                                
u Industrial/Manufacturing Process
u High Purity Water (Laboratory Services)                   
u Flammable and Non-Flammable Gas
u Sanitary and Laboratory Waste and Vent                  
u Medical and Laboratory Gases
u Acid Waste and Vent                                                  
u Compressed Air and Vacuum
u Waste Separation and Recovery    
u Commissioning
In addition to plumbing, we also offers mechanical system design. This experience includes budgeting / cost estimating, building load calculations, energy analysis and conservation studies, as well as the design and engineering of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Sophisticated computer software is used for building load calculations, equipment selection and comparison, system simulation, and complete life cycle cost analysis. Through the use of state of the art engineering principles, our experienced personnel can evaluate mechanical systems and equipment for the most cost effective design approach and component selection to satisfy the needs of each individual client.  Our mechanical experience focuses in the following areas:
u Boiler Plants and Hydronic System Design                                          
u Geothermal System Design
u Chiller Plants                                                              
u Exhaust Systems
u Heat Recovery and Energy Conservation                 
u VAV and CAV Systems
u Laboratory and Industrial Ventilation Design                                    
u Building Automation Systems
CMG takes particular care in assessing the client’s needs for their electrical system. Our mission is to provide power to meet the client’s current needs in addition to power to meet their future goals.  We strive to create an integrated lighting solution of functional and decorative lighting, to bring interiors, exteriors, and landscapes to life.  Our project experience includes the following:
Power Distribution Systems                                        
u  Nurse Call
u Standby and Emergency Power Generation                            
u  Patient Registry and Wandering Systems
Lighting and Controls                                                 
u  Sound and Public Address Systems
u  Fire Alarm & Detection                                               
u  Telecommunications
u  Short Circuit and Overcurrent Protection Studies       
u  Lighting Alternative Studies
Fire suppression and advanced detection systems play an important part in building safety. Often times, a traditional wet pipe sprinkler system simply doesn’t meet the needs of the Owner or the hazard area being protected. CMG has the skills set necessary to provide detailed design drawings and specifications for a single IT room or an entire telecommunications building.  CMG has a variety of experience in fire suppression and detection system design, including the following:
u Clean Agent or Inert Gas Fire Suppression                                   
u Dry Pipe and Preaction Sprinkler Systems
Air Sampling Detection Systems                                 
u  Water Mist Systems
Linear Heat Detection                                                
u  Water Storage for Fire Protection Systems
Ultraviolet and Infrared Detection                               
u  Fire Pumps
Advanced Occupant Notification Systems                   
u Commissioning
As engineers, we understand and realize that we need to be concerned about the environment in which we live. It is important to consider climate, architecture, building function, operating costs and building life when implementing sustainable design options. Our in-depth understanding of building operations and systems allows us to bring innovation and expertise to the area of sustainable design. We work with our clients to balance risks and rewards. We are able to both evaluate and apply new technologies in conjunction with proven solutions to make certain that facilities accomplish their objectives of environmental responsibility.  Our experience in sustainability encompasses the following areas:
u Systems Analysis and Controls                              
u Daylighting
u Efficient Equipment Selection                                     
u Lighting Design
u Indoor Air Quality                                                       
uThermal Comfort Analysis
u Natural Ventilation                                                      
u Total Water Use Reduction
u Commissioning
u Water Efficient Landscaping

Building system commissioning and retro-commissioning starts early in the design phase and continues into occupancy.  We validate that the owner's requirements are reflected in the design documents, offer cost savings suggestions, offer an extra set of eyes during the construction phase, and demonstrate proper start-up and performance of the system.  More importantly though, we ensure the owner is left with the tools and knowledge that they need to manage their facility.
Owner's Project Requirement Review                               
u Design and Construction Document Review
u Construction Shop Drawing / Submittal Review              
u Prefunctional Checklist and Functional Test Procedure Development
u System Performance Verification   
u Deficiency Resolution
u Training Agenda Review                                         
u Operation and Maintenance Manual Review
u Warranty Review
Welcome to CMGWho We AreWhat We DoOur Project ExperienceCareersContact Us